BrLog Scribers are designed in such a way that scribe-setting boards are not required.

Due to the special designed fears in the BrLog Scriber’s housing, it will always always stay plumb. Feels rigid and well balanced.

The pen holder can be rotated at any time or at any angle and the Br Log Scriber will always stays in alignment.

The BrLog Scriber allows you to adjust the scribe settings from 20mm to 255mm (0.7 inches  to 10 inches).

The BrLog Scriber is made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel. We also supply a special case to protect the BrLog Scriber when not in use.

Fisher Space Pens have proven to be the choice of Log Builders! Due to their unique design they will allow you to work in tight spaces.

It is possible to mount the vials on the different surfaces of the main housing.  This will permit you to use the BrLog Scriber in a variety of positions.

The BrLog Scriber is easy to readjust for either left or right handed people.

The only tool you require to adjust or maintain your BrLog Scriber is a 3 mm allen wrench, which is supplied with the BrLog Scriber.

Since the BrLog Scriber has been designed and manufactured locally, we are able to offer a quality tool at a reasonable price. 

BrLog Scriber

€ 350,00Price